Frances Bodomo

everybody dies!
2016 | 9min | hd | color | usa

created for the omnibus feature film “collective:unconscious”

role: director & co-writer

synopsis: a public access tv show in which ripa the (grim) reaper teaches black kids about the day they'll die.

premieres: sxsw | blackstar

available on: vimeo | bittorrent now

tonya pinkins
anabella dezil
lyric dorcely
sebastian goldstein
katie greendorfer
linwood nelson
sanaa perry
ryan thurston
aniyah walker
jadah walker (voice)
james adomian (voice)

producers: laurie thomas, valerie steinberg
co-writer: mariama diallo
director of photography: chananun chotrungroj
production designer: mar urrestarazu
costume designer: sarita fellows
editor: colin elliott
sound designer: eli cohn
designer: eli cohn
titles and vfx: katrina whalen

“ed! show theme”
by roger paul mason

“i’m your last & only friend”
arranged by brian mcomber
lyrics by frances bodomo & mariama diallo

"polish polka medley"
performed by jimmy sturr and his orchestra
produced by starr records

made possible by the rooftop films/dctv production grant

shot on location at dctv